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google adsense account disabled
How it seems, you are checking your email, and it contains a message from Google adsense informing you; your Google adsense account have been disable due to certain issues with your site e.g;- for generating invalid clicks, risk to our advertiser because of your content or because of inactivity. No matter why it happened, but this message gave you a shock when you received it.
Now you are here searching for how to get my adsense account enabled back, so just forget it you are going to get back your earnings and payments in process, they all will be denied by Google ads publisher according to their terms and conditions– you are not allowed to get your earning and payments in process if your account disabled
Before going through the Re-Submission of application please make these points memorize that I am going to tell you why Google adsense banned;
Why Google Banns Adsense Account
The most common reason of getting banned or not getting an adsense account is avoiding Google adsense terms and conditions that they have for their publishers…. Never break the rules in Google adsense school; these reasons could be-
  1. As we all know Google is our best friend in everything so how could you thought to make them fool, by generating invalid clicks, asking your friends for clicking on ads, Google get to knowwhen you ask peoples; like your friends, your neighbor or to your pets and friends even if you cannot ask to click on ads to your cat and dogs too, Never use proxies to hide your identity while clicking on your own ads, anyhow Google AdSense will caught you red handed, I have also seen on few blogs they puts images and banners to request their visitor for clicks on ads, Please forget the all Ideas of increase your revenue with these ways you will be caught
  2. Google banns you when you go through the free traffic exchange programs and other ways of traffic generation, forget the this way to maintain your inertial rate because the traffic exchange or any other way of getting traffic by paid networks will become a reason of banned account, you cannot hire any advertiser for your site traffic generation, the sources like Traffic from search engines, Back links and blog roles are allowed only If you are subscribed with any click-ring it could also be a reason, Click rings is like a community of peoples where they comes to click on each other ads, so Google is eying on you, You can not violate their policies anyhow, you are also not allowed to buy clicks through any free-lance task site or any other way + Click bots are also not allowed on Google adsense
  3. Use of pop up advertisement
  4. Use of spy ware ad ware or Mal-ware for traffic generation on your site is not allowed
  5. Putting adsense scripts on blank pages also not allowed according to Google adsense TOC’s
  6. If you are publishing ads with adsense competitors you will be banned recently because it’s also against the rules Note- affiliate links and banners or in-line text or In-Image ads are acceptable by Google adsense and you will not get you banned
  7.  More than one adsense account like one for your blog, one for your dog one for your Condom and one for your sex pills huh!!, you could be banned for doing this..
  8. You are allowed to modify Google Ads with Google interface but any changes with adsense script is not allowed like hiding up the Google referral banner, Or misplacing ads by Google where they should not
  9. If you are not following and answering to Google adsense team message, if you ignore warnings by them you will be banned
  10. Putting adsense with illegal contents like- Pornographic or mature content, pic and videos, Hacking/cracking content, Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia, on gambling or casino rated articles or sites, any other articles related to illegal and inflict material that could harm others, excessive advertising, liquor materials, and promotion of these illegal content
  11. You are also not allowed for publishing ads on copied material of copyright content
These all are the major reasons due to avoidance of them you got banned now what to do for getting back your publisher account on AdSense
Enabling your adsense account on Banned site-
These tips not guarantee you to get your account access with adsense but use by my lot of friends and they have been passed with Google adsense exam, so before trying any other alternate to Google please follow these steps-
  •  When Google banns your account they give you an option to communicate with the, if you think so your account is banned due to any misunderstanding humbly request them to reopen their case to research and ask for apologies too ; here your site reputation and time period that you have been engaged with Google adsense could help you to research on your application.
  • Do the changes required on your site make it competent with Google TOC’s and keep in touch with google adsense verification team
  • Even though they are not accepting your application still we have orations to activate a new adsense accounts
Please Follow These Steps and Try it-
  1. Change your Server hosting service and domain name
  2. Change your internet service provider to change your IP
  3. Change your IP address
  4. Change The look of site and Change theme, than change the logo and design of site
  5. Re-apply for adsense account with a new email ID and friend’s address and name
  6. I hope you could get a new adsense activated site with similar content


If you don’t want to work hard yo

google adsense account disabled

u have option to choose another publisher network, but the reality is still same …. Any publisher will not monetize you as much google adsense can

Declaration – We are here to acknowledge you these tips are not part of any hack, these ways are provided and gathers from sources, if any violation founds we are not responsible for the
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