Keywords and keyword importance explained

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Keywords and keyword importance explainedI can’t stress enough how important it is to find the appropriate keywords for your SEO strategy. We briefly touched upon this in our last segment, but today I want to focus on explaining more about keywords and why they are crucial to your search engine optimization. The main goal is to help your website reach the first page of Google based on the keywords people use.

Understanding Keywords

A keyword is something you type into a search engine like Google, because you are looking for something. If I ended up coming across this article, some of things I might have typed into the search engines would be:

  • keyword importance
  • importance of keywords
  • keywords and seo strategy
These are all called “keyword phrases” and once you submit it to Google, Google will then supply you with relevant results attached to them. The goal is to be in the top 3 of the first Google results page. As in those positions sites are gaining the most traffic, and the most sales or exposure for their brand or cause.

It is statistically known that clicks in top Google positions are distributed in this way(figures are approximate):
#1 place gets – 36% of the total clicks that are happening when people lands of the Google result page. 2nd place – only 12%, and 3rd place only 9%.

So you can see the importance of being at the very first spot!
The only way you can do this is by doing a little tactical keyword research – sounds scary but when you know what tools to use and where to start it is quite easy.

Keyword Research

Listen; there are several keyword research strategies on the Internet. If you’re just starting your journey, I recommend putting more time into your keyword research than most people do. What they do is use keyword tools to figure out what phrases are being searched for the most, but don’t have a lot of competition.

There are several different keyword software tools out there (e.g. Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, Google Adwords etc.), and all of them can be helpful. Even though most Internet marketing gurus will tell you that Google Adwords is all they use, I recommend investing a little money in a software tool. If you decide to, there will be FREE information at the bottom of this article that will have a major impact on your search engine optimization.

Broad Keywords

Understanding broad keywords is pretty simple. Here is a quick example:

Let’s say your primary keyword phrase is “youth baseball bats”. If you search Google and just type in: youth baseball bats, you will get broad results. If you type the phrase into Google with quotes around it you will get phrase matches. This is very similar to how broad keywords work.

When you are doing keyword research, you can select the “broad keywords” option. Anytime Google Adwords keyword software or another version is hard at work, it will produce some options that do not start with your keyword or even have it in the phrase. So, if you typed in youth baseball bats, some of the broad keywords might be:

  • little league youth baseball
  • kids baseball gloves
  • adult baseball gloves
  • 2011 demarini voodoo

It’s basically a way to help you learn different areas where you can use your primary keyword (youth baseball bats) and sprinkle some broad keywords on your website content or for article marketing purposes (I’ll explain these in future SEO tutorials).

Exact Keywords

If you need exact keywords, then you’re trying to find information on one keyword; “youth baseball bats”. To find exact matches of your phrases on Google add brackets around the keyword like this: [youth baseball bats]. (Try it and see what the results are)

Phrase Match Keywords

I like to consider phrase match keywords as the “in between” status. They are a bit more flexible than exact keywords and more targeted than broad keywords. If you need something that has a little flexibility, this should be your choice. Here are a few examples:

  • youth baseball bats 2011
  • youth baseball bats for sale
  • adult and youth baseball bats

Even though your keyword phrase is in it, there are additions to the phrase.

FREE Secrets

The information here today should help you understand the importance of keywords. I also want to give you some advanced information in an easy-to-learn format:

Tip 1 – When searching for keywords for your industry (niche), look for ones that have over 1,000 searches per month and under 50,000 “exact phrase count”.

Tip 2 – Check the Strength of Competition (SOC) in your keyword software tool. Find keywords that only have 200 or less in their strength of competition.

It might take longer to do your keyword research, but you can reach the first page of Google faster if you take this approach. I’ve been doing it for years and it has always been very successful, even with all the search engine algorithm changes. I hope you take this opportunity to do this when performing your own keyword research.

In the next tutorial I’ll go into detail about Page Rank and why your website needs a high one.

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