Adsense : 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Adsense : 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Adsense : 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Google Adsense is most popular advertising network in online, through Google Adsense many websites monetize their content. Adsense has been particularly important to achieve advertising revenue to small sites that lack the resources to develop sales programs and advertising sales. To fill a web page with ads that are relevant to the topics discussed, webmasters implement a script on the pages of websites. Web sites that are rich in content have been very successful with this advertising program, as noted in several case studies on the Adsense site.

If you have good contents on your website & also good amount of visitors visits your website everyday then Adsense acts like a money making machine.

But if you are new to Internet or Adsense then probably confused & thinking how much cost for joining it or how can sign up to this service or any other question. So, here ” 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions ” which asked by new Adsense users with solution.

If you not find your question here or you have any query or problem about Google Adsense account then send your question through comment section, which you can find at the end of this page.


Q.1 How applied for new Google Adsense account ??

Adsense Site :

Simply fill sign up form & submit, but in this process some extra options like Website url & Language also included

Q. 2 Why my Google Adsense account’s application is rejected ?

Some common reasons are

Your website/hubpages/blog has not enough or very less content.

You choose account type as Business instead Individual ( Business option only for big sites or for business purpose)

Google Adsense hates duplicate content so not use duplicate contents on your website.

Or you have Google Adsense account already.

If you not find any proper solution for this problem then you can contact to Google Adsense team through email.


Q. 3 What mean eCPM & Page CTR ?

eCPM is acronym of effective cost per thousand impressions, eCPM is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. By this parameter, you can easily compare results of two different sites or channels.

eCPM = (Total Earning / Page Impression)x1000

Page CTR is Click Through Rate of that page, for eg: If a banner ad was delivered 1000 times & received 40 clicks on that ad unit then your Page CTR is 4.0%.

Page CTR% = (Clicks / Page Impressions)x100


Q. 4 Why my Google Adsense earning is very low ?

This depends on lot of things like ad placement, keywords, your niche, visitors & contents.

If you maintain entertainment site then you defintetly getting more visitor but less earning because entertainment like wallpapers, movies, songs are low profitable.So, firstly choose a good profitable keyword/s or subject which attract visitor. If you confused about ad placement then place your ads same as this hub.

All expericend webmasters or Google Adsense user say “content is king” because if you deliver great content then more visitors visits your pages & definitetly your receive more earning.

Q. 5 Why I getting PSA or Public Service Ads in my Google Adsense ad block ?

There can be many reasons why a website may display PSA or less targeted ads

Google unable to crawled all the pages of your site.

May be your website have any sensitive content for which relevant paying ads not displayed.

You set your ad unit as image only format so Google Adsense unable to find relevant image ads.

Your website may not contain enough content.

Your webpage require login for display

You placed your adsense code within an IFRAME

Google Adsense not support your website language.

For more information about PSA or Public Service Ads you can visit Google PSA page

Why am I getting PSAs ?

Q. 6 How to block specific ad url on my Website ?

Google Adsense ads working according to web page keywords, for eg : if you make a website about sweaters or selling sweater through website then probably Google shows your competitor sweater ads. For avoiding this situation follow these instructions

Login into your Google Adsense account & click on Competitive Ad Filter under Adsense Setup tab. Now enter your competitive sites URL in text block (one link per link) & save this changes. Google takes some time for blocking your competitive site ad.


How Find Competitive Ad URL

Please don’t click on your own ads to determine the destination URL because this is against Google Adsense TOS, if you want find competitive ad url visit this page

Competitive Ad Filter Guide

Q. 7 I clicked on my own Google AdSense ads, now what ?

Whether just one or a few accidental clicks is not a trouble, Adsense team understand the occasional error can occur when you click often, then there is a major drawback in the way the account should be suspended for invalid activity .. Try to be very careful, you’ve made mistakes before, so there is no chance for forgiveness later.

You can inform Google Adsense team about your click through this form.

Q. 8 How can I protect myself from invalid clicks?

Many people losing their Google AdSense accounts due to some jealous, inoccent (someone click on your ad for profit like friends,relatives) insane psychopath simply clicking on their ads numerous times.

How stop someone who click numerous times on my Google Adsense ads ?

If you find any unexpected increament in your ad clicks then imdiatetly inform Google by filling this form : Invalid Clicks Contact Form.

If you run your website then you can easily see their IP address in your site “Visitor Log” section & then banned their IP address for your website.

For more information about this topic visit pages

Facing (and beating) a click bomber’s attack

My Adsense account is being atacked, how can I defend my Adsense?

Also visit Google Help : Invalid Clicks Issues and Concerns


Q. 9 Why Google blocked my Adsense account ?

Not anyone can give details of reason for deletion (except Google) but some common reasons of Google Adsense account deletion

May be you or someone else perform invalid activity (like invalid click repeateadly without purchase) with Google Adsense ads.

May be your website/blog or hub have contents about adult, casino, hacking, wallpapers(without contents) or any other type contents which break Google TOS.

You place Google Adsense ads on your contact, signup page or a page without content.

Google can disable an account for any reason. If they determine that an AdSense account may pose a risk to their AdWords advertisers, then they may be disable that account in order to protect their advertisers’ interests.

Q. 10 How reinstated my Google Adsense account after getting banned ?

Reinstated a Google Adsense account after getting ban is possible, but if your account banned due to yours (author) invalid clicks activity then may be Google not reactivated your Adsense account, because Google takes invalid clicks activity very seriously.

Visit Google’s Disabled Account FAQ : Adsense Help page

If you think Google ban you without any proper reason tahen you can also contact them through their appeal form.

But if they reject your appeal then you can’t appeal again for this issue. So always remember Precaution is better than cure




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